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The importance of building your brand

Your brand is more than just your logo mark or a sign above the door. It’s your visual identity, your business personality, your story, and what you stand for.

Building your brand is different from building your business. A successful company can be susceptible to new players in the market offering something new, different and perhaps cheaper. A successful brand has built an identity that extends beyond the products and services that customers purchase. It’s why Coca-Cola fans won’t drink Pepsi, why Levi’s will always be popular and why people will queue overnight for the latest Apple iPhone.

It’s no coincidence that the most profitable companies in the UK and the world also have the most recognisable brands. In some cases, they can even take over our vocabulary for the products and services they offer. We no longer search the internet, we Google and we still Hoover rather than vacuum!

One of the best things about brands is that anyone can have one. You don’t have to be a large business with a huge turnover to have a brand strategy. Just by starting your business, you have already created a brand image and identified your target market. And your brand personality is simply the way you communicate with your followers on social media.

A strong brand identity can support you when times are tough by strengthening customer loyalty and helping you grow your operating margins.

One part of developing your brand is building your brand awareness. Selling your own branded products to your customers can not only bring additional revenue streams but also provide an invaluable visual representation of your brand to your target audience.

Barbers and salons that can harness the value of their brand will differentiate themselves from their competitors, stand out in a condensed and competitive market and start to turn customers into brand ambassadors for their business.

We can support you in bringing this part of your brand and marketing strategy to life by creating your own hair and skin care range that best suits your business. The first step in this journey is to order a sample box and discover the products that will enable you to build your brand. For more details on how we support barbers and hairdressers in developing their own hair care range, read our Branding Partner blog.