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Many barbers and salons already retail products from well-known hair brands. Not only does this enable customers to replicate their salon/barber experience every day, but it also provides an extra revenue stream for the business. This exchange gives major brands the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of customers. So, if it’s good enough for them, imagine what it could do for your own brand!

By supplying white-label hair products, we support barbers and hairdressers in developing their own hair care range. This enables them to benefit from the additional brand awareness and revenues that the major brands are already enjoying. With a range of white-label cosmetic products also readily available, we can empower you to expand your brand into new markets.

Our prices are significantly below the major brands, so in offering your own products you can benefit from a more advantageous profit margin for your retail products whilst increasing the brand awareness of your business.

So how does it all work? We offer high-quality, eco-friendly and innovative grooming products from beard oils and pomades to texture sprays and conditioners. Our Barber Essential, Beard and Shave, Salon Essential and Skincare Essential Collections allow you to trial and evaluate our products to determine which would feature in your own hair care range, bespoke to your individual business.

After you’ve chosen your products we’ll support you with the branding and labelling of your range either using your existing logo and design or working in partnership with our creative team to develop your own unique style. Once your designs have been agreed, you can sit back and wait for your delivery!

We partner with a range of barbers and hairdressers all over the world to help them explore new revenue streams. These are used to develop and grow businesses before they progress to owning that second premises or to solidify brand identity over a number of different high street locations.

If you’re looking to build your brand and expand your business portfolio, then a partnership with Your Brand Hair Products could provide you with the means to grow and prosper. Get in touch to start the conversation.