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Reflections: The Barber Industry & The Pandemic

Believe it or not, 2022 is nearly over. We made it!

Here’s no denying the past 2 years and everything that has come with it has been chaotic, challenging, and sometimes just straight-up hellish. With Omicron on the horizon, what have we learned that we can take forward?

When the pandemic hit, none of us was sure what would happen. Shutdowns, regulations, ever-changing health risks, income predicaments, blinding uncertainty. That uncertainty wrapped the country up and affected everyone — but we couldn’t predict what would happen to the barber industry.

The industry took an undeniable hit. One that no one knew exactly how to recover from. On average, COVID-19 costs barber professionals £11,603 and expects losses to rise beyond £12,800, new research from small business insurer Simply Business reveals.1 But, barbers proved something. Something we all knew.

Barbers are resilient!

You guys learned how to retain clients by connecting with them virtually and using effective digital methods. Social media and online booking systems have proven highly instrumental in doing business the right way, and we can all only be grateful for them. We have been very impressed with the kind of outreach and support, so give yourselves a round of applause! Great to see.

This, in combination with Brexit, has presented several unique challenges, for us too, regarding shipping. We want to ensure that everyone gets what they need right now, and that’s not been entirely possible. We are constantly working on solutions to resolve shipping disputes, so don’t count us out! That said, we also encourage anyone open right now and working with us to do so safely. That is of the utmost priority.

With the world starting to live with Coronavirus, we are happy to report we are getting orders out as normal and are happy many of you are getting back to it. Thank you for your support! We wish only the best to everyone reading this and hope you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Undoubtedly, the industry will bounce back. Clients want to get back out there and look good doing it. The way we do things has changed forever, but that’s good because we have learned so much. We’ve got this, one haircut at a time.

How has the pandemic affected your business? What are some of the unique ways you’ve dealt with it? Comment below!