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The Barber Essential Collection



Samples of all the essential products for barbers including:
Deluxe Pomade – 100ml
Dry Matte Clay – 100ml
Grooming Clay – 100ml
Moulding Cream -15ml
Texture Paste – 15ml
Shaping Paste – 15ml
Super Dry Clay – 15ml
Fibre Gum – 15 ml
Defining Cream – 15ml
Volumising Dust – 20gm
Sea Salt Spray – 50ml
Tea Tree Shampoo – 50ml
Tea Tree Conditioner – 50ml
Executive Cologne – 10ml
Rouge Cologne – 10ml
Dry Matte Spray – 150ml ( UK Only)
Texture Spray – 150ml (UK Only)
Lemongrass Grooming Tonic – 50ml – (UK Only)

Shipping included in price.

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