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Kendrick’s of Rochford Case study

Kendrick’s of Rochford offers professional male grooming by appointment only from their base in Rochford, Essex.

Owner Jon Kendrick started hairdressing in 2003 successfully joining the Vidal Sassoon Academy to undertake an intensive course and a year’s training.  He transitioned to barbering 9 years ago and now runs his traditional barber shop with a rustic but luxurious feel welcoming customers of all ages.

His team of professional, highly skilled barbers specialise in all aspects of barbering with a wash cut and tonic offered with every appointment. Alongside their beard trimming and shaping, wet shave experiences and male facials they have almost 1,000 5-star reviews and have won countless awards including last year’s Barber of the Year.

Naturally, Jon cares about every tiny detail of his business. So when he first approached us about developing his own hair and beard care range, he was eager to match the brand and interior design of the barbershop with a similar high-quality design.

We worked in partnership to create an initial small product range which has grown over the years.

The team uses these branded products in every aspect of their operation to create an amazing experience for their customers and even use them religiously themselves.

Their products heavily feature on their social platforms and their customer base can purchase their branded products either in the shop or online widening their appeal.

They have also developed a series of ‘How to use’ videos on their website so loyal and potential customers can learn from the professionals how to get the Kendrick’s experience every day.

We love working with the Kendrick’s team. When we’re developing new products we regularly send them a range to try as we get such great feedback from both Jon and the team and his customers.
Dennis Bell, Founder YBHP

By far the best products, service and just round everything. Have been using these guys now for over 5 years and have absolutely no intention of changing even though we constantly keep getting approached. Dennis and his team are incredible. Thank you for everything you do for us.
Kendrick’s of Rochford

Branded Christmas gifts – give the gift of your brand

Christmas is a busy time as everyone rushes to look their best for the festivities. Whilst your salon or barber shop is buzzing with both new and loyal customers, having some Christmas gifts available is a great way to capitalise on the extra traffic. Your customers can tick off some presents whilst enjoying some ‘me’ time and you get the benefit of an extra income stream without taking a seat or a space in your diary – it’s a win-win!

We offer an exclusive range of high-quality, eco-friendly and innovative white-label products for men and women. These are British-made, paraben and sulphate-free, with many products now having vegan formulations. Our products are never tested on animals and we are passionate about ethically sourcing your packaging and labels.

If you already stock retail products from well-known hair brands and are used to seeing an increase in sales around the festive season, deciding to retail your own branded products should be an easy one. Our product prices are significantly below the major hair care brands, providing a greater profit margin than you would have previously achieved, with the bonus of increasing the awareness of your brand in the process.

As your customers give the gift of your branded products, they’re not just wrapping up fabulous hair and beauty care, they’re sharing a recommendation of your brand. This introduction could very well turn into a new customer, or at the very least offer a new opportunity to build your brand awareness.

Start small

Our range of products allows you to start on a small scale, choosing the ones you know your customers will love. Alternatively, you could start with a selection to use as corporate Christmas gifts for loyal customers, suppliers or target audiences.

Scale up

Our existing customer may want to take this opportunity to scale up their branded offering with a wider selection in the form of a Christmas hamper, or as part of promotional offers to support bookings in the quieter part of the year.

Whether you’re ordering Christmas merchandise or looking to launch your brand in the New Year, our team are with you every step of the way from sample box to finished product. Order a sample box to get started or talk to our team about Christmas gift ideas tailored to your business.

The importance of building your brand

Your brand is more than just your logo mark or a sign above the door. It’s your visual identity, your business personality, your story, and what you stand for.

Building your brand is different from building your business. A successful company can be susceptible to new players in the market offering something new, different and perhaps cheaper. A successful brand has built an identity that extends beyond the products and services that customers purchase. It’s why Coca-Cola fans won’t drink Pepsi, why Levi’s will always be popular and why people will queue overnight for the latest Apple iPhone.

It’s no coincidence that the most profitable companies in the UK and the world also have the most recognisable brands. In some cases, they can even take over our vocabulary for the products and services they offer. We no longer search the internet, we Google and we still Hoover rather than vacuum!

One of the best things about brands is that anyone can have one. You don’t have to be a large business with a huge turnover to have a brand strategy. Just by starting your business, you have already created a brand image and identified your target market. And your brand personality is simply the way you communicate with your followers on social media.

A strong brand identity can support you when times are tough by strengthening customer loyalty and helping you grow your operating margins.

One part of developing your brand is building your brand awareness. Selling your own branded products to your customers can not only bring additional revenue streams but also provide an invaluable visual representation of your brand to your target audience.

Barbers and salons that can harness the value of their brand will differentiate themselves from their competitors, stand out in a condensed and competitive market and start to turn customers into brand ambassadors for their business.

We can support you in bringing this part of your brand and marketing strategy to life by creating your own hair and skin care range that best suits your business. The first step in this journey is to order a sample box and discover the products that will enable you to build your brand. For more details on how we support barbers and hairdressers in developing their own hair care range, read our Branding Partner blog.

Your Branding Partner

Many barbers and salons already retail products from well-known hair brands. Not only does this enable customers to replicate their salon/barber experience every day, but it also provides an extra revenue stream for the business. This exchange gives major brands the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of customers. So, if it’s good enough for them, imagine what it could do for your own brand!

By supplying white-label hair products, we support barbers and hairdressers in developing their own hair care range. This enables them to benefit from the additional brand awareness and revenues that the major brands are already enjoying. With a range of white-label cosmetic products also readily available, we can empower you to expand your brand into new markets.

Our prices are significantly below the major brands, so in offering your own products you can benefit from a more advantageous profit margin for your retail products whilst increasing the brand awareness of your business.

So how does it all work? We offer high-quality, eco-friendly and innovative grooming products from beard oils and pomades to texture sprays and conditioners. Our Barber Essential, Beard and Shave, Salon Essential and Skincare Essential Collections allow you to trial and evaluate our products to determine which would feature in your own hair care range, bespoke to your individual business.

After you’ve chosen your products we’ll support you with the branding and labelling of your range either using your existing logo and design or working in partnership with our creative team to develop your own unique style. Once your designs have been agreed, you can sit back and wait for your delivery!

We partner with a range of barbers and hairdressers all over the world to help them explore new revenue streams. These are used to develop and grow businesses before they progress to owning that second premises or to solidify brand identity over a number of different high street locations.

If you’re looking to build your brand and expand your business portfolio, then a partnership with Your Brand Hair Products could provide you with the means to grow and prosper. Get in touch to start the conversation.